My Christmas List

Photo by Rod Raglin

My husband says I’m hard to buy for.  He says I don’t like “stuff,” so it’s hard for him to figure out what to give me for Christmas.  I told him that the older I get, the more I want only time and experiences with my family — not things.

I didn’t even make a Christmas list this year, but if I had, it wouldn’t have helped my husband find things to put under the tree.  Besides time with my family, here is a list of my only desires:

Ann Marie’s Christmas List
  1.  Everything in “Grown-up Christmas List” sung by Amy Grant (here are the lyrics).
  2.  The Holy Spirit would inspire every human heart to love and serve God and to care for each other and our planet.  As a result, we would put an end to poverty, hunger, racism, discrimination, greed, indifference, apathy, and environmental degradation.
  3.  All Protestant churches would reunite with the Catholic Church so that there would be ONE church as Jesus described it.
  4. The goal of all elected officials in all countries would be to serve their constituents and work toward the common good rather than their own selfish interests.
  5. Politicians all over the world would provide K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions with the support they need to ensure that all citizens (not just those of certain races and socioeconomic classes) obtain a quality education.

That’s all.

Christ’s Peace,

Ann Marie

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